Fiber Optic Internet

Fiber Optic Internet is the transmission of data through infrared light signals in cables comprised of optical fiber, resulting in very high transmission speeds. Unlike the traditional copper line used for internet services such as broadband, fiber internet can handle large amounts of information transmitted simultaneously. We can help find the best fiber internet carrier for your company at the best price.

Business Ethernet

Business Ethernet is ideal for businesses with multiple networks (local or wide area) that need multiple access points. We can help identify if your business is a candidate for business ethernet and help facilitate installation.

T1 Business Ethernet

T1 Business Internet service handles bandwidth-intensive apps like VoIP and streaming media. Fourth Dimension Networks can help find the right provider and assist with the installation of your T1 service. T1 is an ideal fit for companies in a location that can't be reached by other types of protocol or service.

In today's modern work environment, it is paramount to meet the internet performance needs of your organization to optimize performance and eliminate downtime. At Fourth Dimension Networks we will help you identify the bandwidth needs of your organization and provide the optimal solution at the best possible price.